Brake Discs

The mechanical and thermal stresses acting on the brake disc are extremely high. So it’s important they’re up to the job, and perform just as intended. Like all of our braking products, our discs are made to mirror the OE. So whatever the technology, you can be assured that every Delphi disc has been designed, engineered and manufactured to provide the very best braking performance. Just like the OE. Be it coated, cross drilled or high-carbon…it’s a given.

ECE R90 certified brake discs

It should come as no surprise that our brake discs for new vehicles launched post 1 st November 2016 are R90 certified, alongside a range for popular older applications. After all, we’ve been meeting these quality standards for many years. The only difference today: our discs now undergo official ECE R90 testing schedules including performance, dynamic friction comparison, high load integrity and thermal fatigue analysis to certify that they perform to a prescribed tolerance of the OE part.

Learn more about Delphi’s R90 certified brake discs and why it matters.

Fully coated brake discs

Thanks to a special zinc-flake, silver Geomet coating, our coated brake discs offer greater and longer-lasting corrosion protection compared with many oil-dipped or partially painted and coated equivalents, whilst also being more cosmetically appealing. And because they have no oil to clean off, they save valuable labour and service time. All this makes for a better protected disc that’s easier to install, easier to dismount as well as being easy on the eye too.

Read more about Delphi’s coated brake discs.

High-carbon brake discs

The added carbon content in our high-carbon discs helps to both reduce the risk of thermal cracking under high-temperature loads, and allows the discs to operate at a cooler temperature, for a more consistent braking performance. It also increases their resistance to distortion or warping for added durability, while delivering noise and judder free braking.

Cross-drilled brake discs

As well as looking cool from behind your wheels, our cross-drilled discs will keep your brakes feeling the same way – cool. The cross-drilled holes dissipate heat, brake dust and gases, helping to keep the pad surface cool and clean and reducing the risk of thermal distortion and warping. These same holes also prevent a film of water forming during wet conditions for improved braked response.

Vented brake discs

Our vented discs feature special internal cooling passages to maximise airflow. By continually moving air across the disc’s surface or through the disc itself, they allow more heat to be dissipated, improving both cooling capacity and resistance to cracking from thermal shock.

Brake discs with bearings

To avoid damage to the bearing during removal, and ensure the correct pressing in into the new, we offer a range of discs with these safety critical components already pre-mounted. They also include both toothed and magnetic ABS sensor rings, as per the OE, and the relevant fixing accessories. All for quick and accurate installation.

One-piece cast iron brake discs

Our one-piece cast iron discs offer an aftermarket alternative to BMW’s patented two-piece bi-metallic composite disc. Engineered from a single piece of cast iron, they deliver the same standards of consistency, longevity and braking performance as the two-piece disc, but at a fraction of the price. And to top it off, they come with fixing screws for quicker and easier fitting.

The Delphi Difference

  • 100 years of OE experience, supplier to the world’s top automakers
  • OE heritage and knowledge built into every aftermarket part
  • Comprehensive portfolio for a wide range of vehicles and model years
  • Streamlined SKUs for easy inventory management
  • Support through tools, tips and training

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Braking 7 min read

Pull out all the stops with our new first-to-market brake pads

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Braking Maintenance Solutions Pads How it works 7 min read

Resource Highlights

In this article, we take a look at our new first-to-market brake pads.

Cue Delphi’s first-to-market brake pads.

As a manufacturer of the pioneering propulsion technology fitted as OE to many of these vehicles, we work hand-in-hand with the world’s leading automakers, years before launch. And by combining the best of both worlds – a rich OE heritage and innovative aftermarket solutions – we can always be one step ahead on new product introductions coming to the aftermarket.

And to prove we aren’t just talking a good game, let’s take a look at our track record over the years.

  • In 2018, we were first to market with brake pads for the Audi A8. 
  • In 2019, we picked up the pace. We were first to market with brake pads for two of the best-selling hot hatches on the market, the Ford Focus, and Fiesta ST, and ended the year with first-to-market brake pads for the highly anticipated Toyota Supra. 
  • In 2020, we exceed even our own high expectations. Not only were we first-to-market with brake pads for the new Land Rover Defender 110 and the new Volkswagen Golf Mk8, but we were also quicker to market than the vehicle manufacturers in both applications.

But the year isn’t done yet, and neither are we.

Delphi is excited to announce 8 new first-to-market brake pads in our aftermarket braking program!

In fact, we are so excited about the news that for the next eight days we plan to feature each product individually in order to highlight the benefits our brake pads bring to each specific repair.

Round 1: Land Rover Discovery Sport/Range Rover Evoque (05/2019>)

Delphi is proud to announce the 1st of our 8 new first-to-market brake pads: front brake pads for the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque.


Sound familiar? That’s because earlier this year we announced first-to-market brake pads for the new Land Rover Defender 110. It should come as no surprise that we have yet another first-to-market for Land Rover because Delphi covers 97% of Land Rover brake pads in Europe. And since the Land Rover Discovery Sport shares the same chassis as the Range Rover Evoque, this brake pad application is a two-for-one deal.

Since its model introduction in 2011, Range Rover Evoque sales alone have reached over 425K. This popular model’s VIO combined with a best selling Land Rover means that independent garages will be seeing plenty of these on their ramps in the coming months. Our aftermarket customers will be ahead of the curve by accessing the repair business on these newer vehicles sooner, increasing both profitability and customer retention.

For more on these first-to-market brake pads, visit and search for LP3395.

Round 2: Opel (Vauxhall) Movano (08/2019>)

Delphi is proud to announce the 2nd of our 8 new first-to-market brake pads: front brake pads for the new Opel (Vauxhall) Movano.



While this large van may seem lackluster to the everyday driver, being quick off the mark for a popular light commercial vehicle brings exciting new opportunities for the independent garage. Looking at the commercial vehicle segment in Europe, the Movano market share has increased by 40% since 2013 and continues to grow.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, independent garages will need to be quick off the mark for braking repairs. EU law requires commercial vehicles to pass regular roadworthiness checks as well as on-the-spot roadside inspections to make sure the vehicle is well maintained and meets all safety requirements.

Required maintenance combined with a large, growing market share means that the new Movano vehicles will probably beat passenger cars of the same new model year to your garage. Are you prepared for this new commercial vehicle repair?

For more on these first-to-market brake pads, visit and search for LP2190.

Round 3: Opel (Vauxhall) Movano (08/2019>)

Delphi is proud to announce the 3rd of our 8 new first-to-market brake pads: REAR brake pads for the new Opel (Vauxhall) Movano.

That’s right, we are so excited about the new Movano that Delphi is first-to-market on both front and rear brake pads. The new generation Movano comes with fresh styling, extra comfort, as well as improved safety equipment.

Speaking of safety, did you know that Delphi brake pads stop sooner than the competition? At the very least, our four-meter stopping advantage can be the difference between a bump and a serious accident. And commercial drivers don’t only need to keep themselves safe but their precious cargo as well - their passengers. Since the Movano has multiple extra seat options, the van can hold anywhere from 6 to 17 passengers at a time. By using Delphi brake pads, you can help keep you, your passengers, and Movano safe with better stopping power.

For more on these first-to-market brake pads, visit and search for LP2190 and LP2191.

Round 4: DS 7 Crossback (05/2019>)

Delphi is proud to announce the 4th of our 8 new first-to-market brake pads: front brake pads for the new DS 7 Crossback.

Between 2017-2019, the previous generation sales of the DS 7 Crossback in Europe were 48K. While it may not have the highest VIO, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a high profile car - The President of France himself chose the DS 7 Crossback as his presidential car. Keep the ‘luxury’ in your compact luxury crossover SUV by using our quieter braking brake pads for your next repair, and say goodbye to embarrassing encounters at red lights after screeching to a stop.

Quieter brakes aren’t just good for the driver either. Independent garages that use our quieter brake pads can avoid the biggest source of customer comeback when it comes to braking: brake noise.

For more on these first-to-market brake pads, visit and search for LP3518.

Round 5: Hyundai i10 (09/2019>)

Delphi is proud to announce the 5th of our 8 new first-to-market brake pads: front brake pads for the new Hyundai i10.



Listen up independent garages- You will want to keep these brake pads stocked and ready to go! That’s because previous generation sales in Europe for the i10 reached 565K from 2013 to 2019. With sales numbers that high, you’ll be sure to see plenty of these new models on the road soon.

As an OE manufacturer, we have been following the rapid growth of Asian brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia at its source. That’s why we announced this year our newly expanded braking program that achieves coverage of over 99% of the Asian applications in the European parc on pads and 97.7% on discs. This first-to-market Hyundai i10 application, in addition to our already extensive line-up, will allow independent garages to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving vehicle parc.

For more on these first-to-market brake pads, visit and search for LP3265.

Round 6: A6 Allroad Quattro/A6 Quattro/A8 Quattro/Q7 Quattro/S8 Quattro (11/2019>)

Delphi is proud to announce the 6th of our 8 new first-to-market brake pads: rear brake pads for the new A6 Allroad Quattro, A6 Quattro, A8 Quattro, Q7 Quattro, and S8 Quattro.

Another great opportunity for the independent garage since the previous model generation VIO for A6 and others totals 754K. But what are the benefits of using Delphi brake pads for your next repair?

Let’s take a look in particular at the A6 Allroad. This variant has several unique features that set it apart from the standard A6 to make it a true all-terrain vehicle- It has even completed an official Land Rover test-course!

All-terrain driving is no joke and braking ability becomes even more important on unpredictable surfaces that range from wet to dry. Luckily, we tested our brake pads against competitors and Delphi brake pads recorded the lowest reduction in friction levels from dry to wet out of all the competitors. So for more predictability in unpredictable conditions, use Delphi brake pads for your next brake repair.

For more on these first-to-market brake pads, visit and search for LP3274.

Round 7: Audi Q3/Q3 Sportback/Q3 Sportback Quattro, Volkswagen Tiguan (11/2019>)

Delphi is proud to announce the 7th of our 8 new first-to-market brake pads: rear brake pads for the new Audi Q3, Q3 Sportback, Q3 Sportback Quattro, and Volkswagen Tiguan.

With a model line-up that strong, it should have a high VIO to match- and it does! The previous model generation VIO reached 1.4M, easily making the top of the list against the other 8 applications. This popular model will sure to be on every independent garage’s radar, meaning that any garage will be able to make the repair, so how can your business stand out above the crowd?

Simple- by building customer trust and providing quality replacement parts. Delphi brake pads stop quicker, quieter, and last longer than the competition, and we know because we put them to the test! While using our brake pads for repairs may mean customers won’t be returning anytime soon, their word to mouth recommendation about an OE quality repair is worth its weight in gold and can keep repair shops in business for years to come.

For more on these first-to-market brake pads, visit and search for LP2697.

Round 8: Audi A6/A6 Quattro/A7 Sportback Quattro (01/2019>)

Delphi is proud to announce the 8th and final application of new first-to-market brake pads: rear brake pads for the new Audi A6, A6 Quattro, and A7 Sportback Quattro.

That’s right - Our last round of first-to-market announcements and it’s Audi again. Delphi has a history with first-to-market Audi applications, so why not continue to cover all our bases? The previous model generation VIO for this line-up exceeds the former A6 Allroad chassis variants with 772K, again opening up a massive range of opportunities for garages. Now you may think we have nothing left to say about our brake pads, but we do have one more topic to talk about thanks to the new A7 Sportback Quattro.

Fitted with a V6 twin-scroll turbo, this high-performance vehicle features 335 brake horsepower and can achieve 0-100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds. Luckily we know a thing or two about high-performance vehicles and the importance of high-performance braking. We tested our brake pads against competitors yet again and not only did the vehicle equipped with our pads stop quicker than all four aftermarket brands, but it also did so under control and with minimal brake fade. So next time a high-performance vehicle enters your bay, choose a brake pad that can handle the heat of high-speed braking.

For more on these first-to-market brake pads, visit and search for LP3240

Stay tuned for more first-to-market applications by subscribing to our social media channels below.

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