Delphi Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Precision is key for the fuel pressure regulator on any vehicle. So when you need to pick a replacement part, choose Delphi Technologies — the brand that’s been OE engineered to perform consistently. We test our fuel pumps for performance and durability, and we use our results to make better parts. That’s why Delphi Technologies holds more than 30 OE-proprietary innovations and 150 patents in fuel module and pump design.

About Delphi Technologies Fuel Pressure Regulators.

Those smart designs, and rigorous testing and troubleshooting, have helped us create fuel pressure regulators and other fuel components that pass the tests of time, emissions standards and customer satisfaction.

Critical to Engine Function.

A fuel pressure regulator works to maintain proper and consistent pressure for the injectors during a variety of driving conditions. Pressure that is too high can cause misfiring and increase vehicle emissions. Low pressure can cause poor vehicle performance and slow — or no — starts. Both high and low pressure can reduce fuel efficiency and even shorten the life of the engine. A leaky fuel pressure regulator diaphragm often causes lower fuel pressures, but the problem can be tricky to diagnose. Regulator issues are often misdiagnosed as an oxygen sensor problem, and can cause multiple, misleading OBD II codes.

Smooth Performance and Comprehensive Coverage.

Vehicle manufacturers have relocated fuel pressure regulators from the fuel rail in the engine compartment to the tank, which keeps fuel temperatures lower and cars running more efficiently. Our OE design enhances fuel control accuracy for smooth driving and emissions performance that will keep your customers happy. Delphi uses exclusive NitrileTM nylon fabric diaphragms, which are strong and resilient against corrosive, high-ethanol fuels.

Our fuel pressure regulators are available in two different designs--universal pressure and mini-cartridge pressure--for wide coverage of domestic vehicles on the road today.

All Delphi mini-cartridge regulators are 100% flow tested and the pressures are factory calibrated. Six Delphi mini-cartridge part numbers represent more than half the sales volume on GM applications, which helps streamline your inventory and reduce your investment.

The Delphi Difference
OE engineering, testing and troubleshooting to ensure precision
NitrileTM diaphragms are resilient against high-ethanol fuels
Two designs: universal pressure and mini-cartridge pressure
Mini-cartridge regulators are flow tested and factory calibrated
Streamlined part numbers to reduce inventory investment