Delphi Technologies Training Series

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Training Series

Icon of an electric vehicle

Diesel Engine Training Series

Icon of a heavy duty vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicle - First look* Diesel technology - Ford Powerstroke systems
Hybrid electric vehicle - Service and maintenance Direct and common-rail systems awareness and overview
48 volts and beyond - Advanced hybrid diagnostics** Controlling diesel emissions and OBD II****
Hybrid electric vehicles - Diagnostics and repair***  
Hybrid electric vehicles - For first responders  

Gasoline Powertrain Training Series

Icon of a passenger vehicle

Vehicle Systems Training Series

Icon of a car with a magnifying glass
Diagnosing and repairing fuel systems Controller area networks (CAN) and multiplexing*****
Advanced fuel systems including gas direct injection (GDi) ECM/PCM reflash, reprogramming, and J2534
Diagnosing and repairing catalyst and O2 monitor failures Air conditioning systems
Diagnosing and repairing misfire monitor failures Advanced air conditioning diagnostics
Diagnosing and repairing fuel trim / fuel control systems**** Essentials in electrical circuits
Evaporative monitor - Diagnose and repair**** Radar ready! Diagnosing advanced driver assistance systems**
Mode $06 data and drive cycle diagnostics****  
Engine management systems  
Good C.O.P / Bad C.O.P - Advanced ignition diagnostics**  
Mastering the variables of variable displacement engines**  

Chassis and Steering Systems Training Series

Icon of a control arm

Business and Operations Training Series

Icon of hands shaking
Steering and suspension systems Safe, Green and Connected: Emerging vehicle technologies
Anti-lock brake, stability control, and traction control systems Fundamental keys to increasing service sales
Tire pressure monitoring systems Service advisor's guide to selling PM
  Service manager's guide to shop performance

Additional Training Time

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Hands-on lab time - Instructor follow up class*  
Delphi Difference
  • Spanish class available*
  • Classes added in 2019**
  • Hands-on training***
  • Classes updated to keep up with new technologies****
  • Award-winning class*****