The next generation of diagnostics

BlueTech VCI Diagnostics

Say Hello to the Next Generation of Delphi Technologies Diagnostics

The next generation of diagnostics features expanded vehicle coverage, additional functionality, and integrated support. Upon powering up the unit with a CPU 5 times more powerful than its predecessor, a technician can immediately benefit from intuitive software with a fresh look and feel.

The future-ready unit brings to life new integrations such as CAN FD for improved, modern diagnostics with 3 CAN channels, and DoIP for the latest vehicle functions which are here to stay such as telematics and ADAS.

See The Difference For Yourself

Putting the Future of Diagnostics in Your Hands

The new Bluetech VCI puts the power of next generation technology in the technician’s hands. Our new VCI combines a variety of workshop essentials in one tool, with flexible functionality and wide application coverage which is always growing.

It has a clear icon display on top of the unit, but also a colour coded function lighting which is viewable from any angle as the technician moves around the vehicle. The intuitive software & licencing allows the workshop to service their precise customer base in one VCI, covering passenger, light, & heavy duty. 

Whether it is a simple service reset or complex diagnostic interrogation, the Bluetech VCI is a dedicated resource for the workshop to unlock increased workshop productivity & revenue opportunities.  

New Bluetech VCI features


The Delphi Difference
360 view of VCI status indicator
WiFi with longer range communication capability
Pass-thru capable
Integrated DoiP, no need for DoiP adaptor
Remote diagnostics compatible
CAN FD & mulitple CAN channels
Unlock security gateways